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Fine Art Prints - Hedgehog - Irish Wildlife

Fine Art Prints - Hedgehog - Irish Wildlife

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Gráinneog - Hedgehog -

Created from original art work by Irish artist, Steven Farrell and makes a unique and meaningful gift.

Produced in Ireland using the highest quality inks and paper each print is protected from fading, with assured lifetime, archival permanence. 

Available framed or unframed. Both options come with the fine art print, inside a 3cm, off white, picture mount

This frame is matt white wood grain made in Ireland

Unframed size

Print size 8 x 6 inch

Mount size 10 x 8 inch

Framed size (frames are made in Ireland) 

Print size 8 x 6 inch

Frame size (in cm) 23.5cm W x 29cm L x 2cm D

This unique, Fine Art Print is a perfect gift for wildlife lovers and looks great in any home as a piece of wall art or table art.

Each animal print appears with its name in Ogham and Irish, written on the picture mount in light pencil. 

(This fine art print is also available as a greetings card)

'A spell was cast across the stone by the Druids in ancient Ogham'


also known as the ‘Celtic Tree Alphabet’ 

is the earliest version of the Celtic language 

It is said to have been gifted to the Celts by Ogma 

the god of literature and a member of the Tuatha Dé Danann

Ogham is made up of a series of lines 

to the left, right or through the centre of the stem or Druim line 

and was traditionally ‘read as a tree is climbed’: from the bottom to the top. 

If ordering from outside the EU you might have to pay customs charges, your national revenue service can give you more guidance. 


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