Steven Farrell Art

Painting and creating have always been a huge and important part of my life and my earliest memories are of the walls of my bedroom (and even the door) covered in drawings and paintings. 
I work primarily in acrylic (always using the highest quality paints) on canvas but I also use coloured pencil and pen and even watercolour paints, it really depends on the work I’m trying to create. 
I work from my art studio in Sandymount where I live with my husband and our dogs and I spend my mornings walking the beach before returning to my studio to start creating. 
In 2017 I was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma, a stage 3 cancer and not only did that diagnosis shake my whole world, it also had a profound influence on the type of work I was creating: before my diagnosis I was mainly painting fine line, realistic looking pieces and in the years’ after my diagnosis my work because less controlled and much more abstract, still very bright and hopeful but just more abstract. 
In the past few years’ my work has returned to a much more realism look and some of my newest pieces are hyper realistic, which is very time consuming but also very satisfying. I’m still under observation for my melanoma and haven’t been discharged but hopefully in early 2023 I’ll be leaving melanoma behind me. 
In 2021, during the Covid-19 pandemic, when no one could travel or visit studios and galleries weren’t open I decided to invest in a fine art printer, a gigantic fine art printer which I installed in my art studio and after a lot of trial and (a lot of) error, I started to produce fine art prints and greetings card packs, of some of my paintings and drawings which have been such a success and not only that, they have introduced my work to a whole new group of people and I’m happy to say, some of my new clients have become friends which is really great. 
All of my prints are printed and packed by me, the cards are printed and folded and packed by me, of course the paintings are done by me, basically I do everything from my studio in Dublin and I’m so grateful for all of the people who decide to purchase one of my pieces and I can promise that what your buying is the highest quality and produced with a lot of love and care. 
My work can be found in some of Irelands leading design shops, and galleries and of course on my own website, social media pages and Etsy. 
If you want to know any more about me please ask and thanks for stopping by!
- Steve